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Commonwealth Games 2010 Shambles

Commonwealth Games 2010 Shambles

Well at the time of writing this, it is less than 2 weeks to the supposed start date of the 2010 Commonwealth games in Delhi.

But there is a big problem, The venue is far from ready and there have been severe and very serious security warnings surrounding the event.

We have seen building work collapsing on several occasions, the athletes village is not ready, in short, the indians have left it to the very last minute and have now run out of time to finish something that should have been finished 6 months ago!

There have been numerous calls from many sources to cancel the games altogether, and we have started to see athletes drop out of the competition altogether, either out of disgust or fear for their own safety.

The entire Scottish team has delayed travel to the venue, and more individual athletes make the decision to withdraw every day.

There is a lot riding on this, including some have said the very survival of the games themselves. Not to mention the massive failure on the part of the Indian sporting bodies, council and government bodies who have made this entire event a massive shambles.

The Commonwealth games has run every 4 years since 1930, and has never been cancelled under such conditions. They did not run in 1942 or 1946 due to World War 2, but Never before has a host nation been so obviously under-prepared to actually have people pulling out and serious thoughts of cancelling the event altogether.

What a shambles.

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