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There has been a nasty trojan floating around called daenol.

This virus modifies system processes in Windows XP or Vista and installs other malware parasites onto the infected computer. Normally Trojan.daonol spread via the following methods:

  1. infected codec updates
  2. unsolicited spam e-mails
  3. or corrupt program files.

Once inside the system, Trojan.daonol trojan will install corrupt executable files and diverse malware causing noticeably slow computer speed. It may also damage system files and steal sensitive data.

The common symptons of this virus are as follows.

  1. Strange task processes
  2. Corrupt dll’s and Windows files
  3. Annoying pop-up ads
  4. Restarts at Windows start-up
  5. Strange bandwidth use
  6. And preventing access to the following sites :
    • CA
    • Comodo
    • EST (Nod32)
    • Kapersky
    • Mcafee
    • Microsoft
    • Panda
    • SuperAntiSpyware
    • Symantec
    • Webroot (spy sweeper)

It also prevents access to sites with the following strings in the url:

  1. Adob
  2. bleepingcomputer
  3. clamav
  4. daonolfix
  5. mbam-cdn
  6. mcafee
  7. meikoemoes
  8. prevx

It may disable access to system programs such as regedit.exe and cmd.exe.

It may also redirect searches from google, yahoo and live search engines and the results modified so the searcher is redirected to malicious websites.

This virus is also quite difficult to get rid of as it somehow bypasses the normal antivirus programs deletion systems and reinstalls somewhere else on your PC.
Removal can be be a tricky process but there are ways to remove it safely without reinstalling your operating system.

This is a complicated and technical process which can be found at bleepingcomputer

you can also finsd more information at

The best way to avoid these sort of problems is to use up to date virus programs such as KasperskySymantec or Trend Micro PCCillin

a good firewall and being careful of what websites you visit.

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