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Japan Earthquake Aftermath

Japan Earthquake Aftermath

A terrible,  powerful, deadly and devastating earthquake and tsunami has thrashed the east coast of Japan.


The Earthquake measured a whopping 8.9 on the richter scale and is the largest ever to hit Japan. It struck at 2:46 PM Local Time 130Km East of Sendai In Japan. At at depth of just 24.4 Km.


The Tsunami which was generated has sent alerts and waves across the pacific ocean, generated from this earthquake caused widespread devastation along the Japanese coast and alerts which are still being issued

Apart form devestating the west coast of Japan, It has caused significant damage to the West coast of the Americas as well as striking Indonesia and Alerts are still in effect for Japan, Mexico, Antarctica, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru ( 12 Mar 2011 03:39 UTC ).


The death toll is expected to be well over 1000 people and the financial damage has not even begun to be assessed, it is most likely to be in the Billions.

There are reports that the movement in the tectonic plates has placed more pressure on fault lines around the world and it is expected that another very large quake will follow this one somewhere in the Pacific over the next 2 – 3 Days, Suggestions have been that it could be in the jumble of fault lines in the Indonesian region, but realistically, with that much movement and disruption in one sudden movement, it could be anywhere.

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