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Korean Peninsula On The Brink Of Open War

Korean Peninsula On The Brink Of Open War

The US lead “Training Exercises” in the yellow Sea yesterday got off to a bad start, the North Koreans fired off more artillery shells in an apparent training exercise while it moved surface-to-air and anti-warship missiles into position near the sea border.

There were fiery clashes between anti-North Korean protesters and police in South Korea over the weekend, with demonstrators calling for air strikes on Pyongyang in retaliation for the artillery attack, which left two soldiers and two civilians dead.

The US-led UN command and US Forces Korea reiterated over the weekend that the war games had been planned months ago after the sinking of the South Korean warship, the Cheonan.

The joint drills feature about 70,000 South Korean troops and several major US warships and are taking place well south of the sea border with North Korea.

Lets just pray that all parties involved come to their senses, and drop this foolishness, Wasn’t the Korean War V1 enough??

I will be keeping you posted.

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