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Korean War Round 2 Imminent?


Except this time it will likely be nuclear.

North Korean Militants have fire a large number of shells into South Korea, reports say anything from dozens to hundreds.

This extremely aggressive act of blatant violence comes less than 48 hours after experts were stunned at the level of enrichment the North Koreans have been able to reach in their “Nuclear Power Plants”.

1 South Korean soldier has been killed, 17 others injured and at least 3 innocent civilians have been injured.

The South Korean air force scrambled several f16-s and land forces returned fire.

The US issued a statement saying it “strongly condemns” the attack, urging it to halt its “belligerent action”. These are strong words from the White House and certainly sounds like political speak for “Now, now children, quite down or you’ll regret it!”

Here Is A Youtube video of a news cast of the violence today.

It Is early times, but being the worst land violence on the korean border since 1953 Either N.Korea has become even more stupid or they know something that the rest of the world doesn’t.

Ill Be keeping you updated.

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