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Shootings in Seattle


Four people have were shot dead in the West Seattle neighborhood of Highland Park during a shooting at around 1PM Thursday afternoon, according to news reports from the area.

Early reports state that a 61-year-old woman is the main suspect in the shootings as the 911 caller reported that his mentally ill grandmother had shot someone.

Assistant Police Chief Jim Pugel has stated that a man – possibly the suspect’s husband – broke through the police line and got inside the house. Police heard more shots and the man ran back out and said multiple people were shot, and that the shooter apparently had shot herself.

Whitcomb said that when officers went inside, they found four dead, including one woman who is believed to be the shooter.

A 42-year-old woman was wounded but was able to speak to officers when they arrived. Apparently all she said was “My mom has gone crazy,” .

The house is in a lower middle-class neighborhood a block north of southwest Seattle’s city limits.

Medics and police were fast to respond and arrived at the scene before further shots were fired, according to the Post-Intelligencer.

Police say a 9mm pistol and .25-caliber automatic pistol were found inside the house, according to the Post-Intelligencer. Police have blocked off a four-block area around the incident site.

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