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Teresa Lewis Executed By Lethal Injection


Teresa Lewis has become the first woman in Virginia to be executed by lethal injection in the past 100 years and only the 12th woman in USA, since the return of this capital punishment in 1976.

The US judiciary sentenced her to death, for conspiring the deaths of her husband and stepson. She was executed on Thursday night, September 23, 2010. Having been taken to the chamber at 8:55 PM and pronounced dead at 9:13pm.

Her last words were “I just want Kathy(her daughter) to know that I love you, and I’m very sorry.”

Lewis, along with her lover had planned the brutal and disturbing murder of her husband and step-son for insurance money. Teresa Lewis, who was the conspirator has been killed, but the two men who actually killed her husband and step-son as per her plan, have been sentenced with life imprisonment.

The two men who actually committed the murders were sentenced to life in prison, But the women who valued an insurance payout over the life of her family  has been put to death.

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