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Tsunami hits Chile


Shortly after a massive earthquake devastated the Chilean nation and killed at least 78 people in Chile Saturday, a tsunami has come ashore on the Robinson Crusoe island of the Latin American country, President Michelle Bachelet said.

The three-meter wave has hit the largest island in the Chilean Juan Fernandez archipelago, and was heading toward Easter Island in the Pacific Ocean where evacuations to higher ground were underway.

Toll in Chile quake rises to 76 and will likely rise higher.

The earthquake has caused widespread damage, thousands are injured and many are dead, Damage has been reported in Santiago, about 320 km north of the epicenter as well as disrupting telephone and power lines in some areas.

Several aftershocks, including one that measured 6.9 on the Richter scale have followed the quake.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre has issued a warning along the coast of Chile and Peru, and issued a tsunami watch for Colombia, Ecuador, Antarctica, Panama and Costa Rica, please see my previous post for details.

Lets hope all this kerfuffle amounts to nothing and it all passes as peacefully as possible.

I will be keeping you updated.

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